1. Dillon de Give is an artist and educator acting in a spirit of humane experimentalism. He has presented work with The Portland Art Museum, The Center for Urban Pedagogy, Proteus Gowanus, Flux Factory, Catch! performance series, Guapamacátaro (Michoacán, Mexico), and The Center for Contemporary Art Santa Fe. De Give is a co-founder of the Walk Exchange, a cooperative walking group, and a member of the Federation of Message Sayers, a human mediated communications network. He holds a BS in Film from Northwestern University and an MFA in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University. Dillon lives, works and helps to raise a child in Brooklyn NY. For more information you can see a CV here, write an email to implausibot (at) yahoo (dot) com or call the project hotline at (917)-300-9521.

    Artist’s Vows / Goals

    - To expose equitable methods for distributing the experience of art.

    - To utilize humor as a method for understanding.

    - To promote the aesthetic of balanced dialogue and the everyday.

    - To engage with cultural definitions of the natural world.

    - To contribute to a larger movement of knowledge building and learning-as-lifestyle.

    - To honor art’s indifference to currency and efficiency, while seeking dignity within an art economy.

    - To model events that allow for the appearance of a heroic character.

    photo: Natasha Marie Llorens