1. AiOP 2014: FREE, Day 1 Observations by Thinker in Residence Dillon de Give

    reblogged from: Art in Odd Places 2014 (Free)
    By Dillon de Give

    Becoming an observer on the street can make you vulnerable. Taking some time to make sense of your surroundings is a sure fire way to announce your candidacy for sucker-hood. It seems that nothing embodies naiveté quite so much as a tourist gawking up at a tall building. In that unfortunate moment we (New Yorkers) can see them, but they (tourists) can’t see us. And therefore we have the upper hand. (read more)


  2. Do I Know What I’m Doing? (2014)


    Do I Know What I’m Doing?


    I Know What I’m Doing is was a project about the ties between mobility, adulthood and citizen identity. It was based on a premise that During the run of the exhibition art-viewers and art-workers may apply could have applied to ride (in an automobile) with a newly-licensed or learning driver. This experience was intended to publicly recognizes the journey in an individual’s learning process while putting all parties in a vulnerable, yet mutually supportive position. I Know What I’m Doing has been cancelled due to liability issues.

    Do I Know What I’m Doing? is a project about liability issues. During the run of the exhibition Dillon de Give will work with a variety of experts in the fields of art and law in an attempt to create a document- an accessible legal resource. This document will be made available to organizations and artists who wish to understand the liability for works of art that connect the gallery environment to the world outside the walls of the gallery.

    Installation view

    Letter regarding the cancellation of the first phase of the project.

    Public discussion. (Image courtesy of EFA Project Space)

    A document that summarizes my research into the subject of liability insurance and social practice art is being produced. It will be posted here when it is finished.

    Failing To Levitate at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens and Kerry Downey. A full list of Thank yous will be added upon completion of the document.

  3. Call for Learning and Newly Licensed Drivers to participate in an artwork.

    Dates: June 6- July 3

    "I Know What I’m Doing" by artist Dillon de Give, is a project about the journey of learning to drive. The goal of the project is to arrange a series of car rides that bring new drivers and visual art viewers together. For new drivers, this is a good opportunity to rack up some driving hours, discuss the process of getting a driver license, or avoid paying a car rental fee for a short trip. For art viewers it is a good chance to witness a moment of meaning and significance in the learning/doing process.

    We are currently seeking to connect with four types of new drivers:
    A. Drivers who have recently gotten a license and haven’t driven very much yet.
    B. Drivers who plan to try for their driver license this June.
    C. Drivers who have a learner permit AND access to a car.
    D. Drivers who have a learner permit and no access to a car.

    Email: implausibot (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Telephone: (917) 300-9521

    Each person who gets in touch will have a short conversation with the artist to determine if it makes sense to work together on this project. Thank you for your consideration.



    June 6-July 3 2014

    Artists include Anhoek School (orchestrated by Mary Walling Blackburn and Rafael Kelman), Malin Arnell, Ethan Breckenridge, Dillon de Give, Bill Dietz, Danyel Ferrari, A Pattern, Rachel Higgins, Mitch McEwen, Glendalys Medina, Jen Rosenblit

    Curated by Kerry Downey and Natasha Marie Llorens
    With guest speaker Heather Love

    There will be a series of structured events throughout the exhibition, with a mid-show reception on June 19th, 6 - 8pm.

    This project is co-produced with the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. For more information see www.efanyc.org


  5. Video project by Adam Scarborough. He made a series of these on the laH Itinerancy. He asked walkers to describe a location on the trail, while the camera was running. This is mine.



  7. 25 “content” status updates on facebook. Image at full resolution here http://snag.gy/eG62b.jpg


  8. Moderators Sasha Chavchavadze and Tammy Pittman, Co-Directors at Proteus Gowanus, present artists Andrew Beccone, Dillon de Give and Jamie Kruse (Smudge Studio). Wednesday, Mar 26, 6:30 pm, Information Commons Lab, Central Library


  9. OPEN CALL: laH Artist Itinerancy (New York City)

    image credit: Ramsay de Give

    DATES 2014: APRIL 1, 2, 3 (Tues-Thurs)

    DESCRIPTION: The laH Artist Itinerancy is a short-term engagement in which a small group will exit New York City on foot. One need not have been previously identified as an artist to apply, nor is it required to produce any artwork during the itinerancy (though it is a possibility). The laH Artist Itinerancy occurs in conjunction with the 6th year of laH, an annual walk that commemorates the spirit of “Hal" (a wild coyote who appeared in Central Park in 2006 and died shortly after being captured and re-released in the wild). The path of the itinerancy will illustrate one possibility of how the animal might have found its way into Manhattan. Citing examples of juvenile coyotes, the walk will be 40-50 miles. This is an opportunity to witness a gradual shift between urban and natural surroundings. This is the first open call issued in conjunction with the laH walk. The itinerancy is guided by artist Dillon de Give. Click here for more information on laH.

    REQUIREMENTS: Itinerants will be required to workshop one conversation subject for each day of the trip. Applicants should be physically prepared for a long and strenuous walk (approx. 15 miles per day) and for sleeping outside. Each walker will be required to carry their own load, supply their own camping equipment, and sign a waiver that acknowledges the risks of the journey.

    TO APPLY: Email a short statement of your interest, two potential conversation subjects, and any other information your think will be relevant in making a decision to yahoo@implausibot.com. Please do not apply if you are not available to be present for the entire itinerancy (all day April 1, 2, and 3). Because of the nature of this walk, only a limited number of positions are available. There is no cost associated with this itinerancy. Deadline: March 18, 2014, 9:45pm.


  10. "A whole society can be blissfully ignorant of the contradictions harbored in their ‘common knowledge’ until some reflective and industrious thinker rubs their noses in the quaundry– or some chance event draws everyone’s attention to the problem. Science and literature are among the focal sets of processes that have gradually uncovered and resolved a host of conflicts for everybody, and we have our own scientific agenda: rooting out and fixing the residual conflicts in our personal world knowledge. (It is amusing to realize that a comedian can be seen to be a sort of informal– but expert– scientist, leading the way, helping us expose and resolve heretofore unnoticed glitches in our common knowledge.)"
    — Hurley, Dennett, Adams from Inside Jokes